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Kuljit Dhillon


Kuljit Dhillon

As an early childhood Educator, I believe in maintaining a safe environment for learning, development, interaction, ambition, self-worth but also compassion for children while at the same time showing respect for their accomplishments. Establishing an environment where children are always felt valued, respected, safe, and protected. I believe children learn literacy and numeracy skills in everyday play-based activities and I utilize teachable moments to extend learning. Play-based learning activities provides children with the opportunity to engage with people, objects and the environment while also doing so actively and imaginatively.

I acknowledge and support children’s individual learning styles by providing a diverse program of ongoing observations and evaluations. The program will encourage opportunities for discovery learning through self-selected activities, and developing children’s abilities to observe, explore, investigate, imagine and problem solve.

Diploma work toward ECT.

These are a few of my favourite things!


Mexican Food






Golf & Tennis